Bespoke E-Learning Development

Collaborative bespoke e-learning design

MSN Training work collaboratively to design bespoke e-learning (also known as custom content) that will deliver end-to-end performance-oriented training that is tailored to meet your organisations specific objectives. Digital learning technologies enable organisations to meet the challenges of quickly training and updating their employees with their legal, obligations and business requirements.

We draw on the talents of instructional and graphic designers, project managers, subject matter experts and educators to create online training with a measurable impact on your organisation.

Creating value is at the heart of everything we do.

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We've found that creating bespoke courses can:

  • boost learner engagement and up-take
  • Increase the knowledge retention and impact of learning
  • Embed behaviours and change cultures
  • Improve employee performance

Bespoke e-learning courses are perfect for organisations looking for a more focused, corporate branded solution than an off-the-shelf package.

It helps organizations improve the ROI of training and the effectiveness of employees combining the best aspects of synchronous and asynchronous learning. Using blending learning delivery formats, such as classroom training (also called ILT), web-based training/online learning (CBT), and webinars, you can provide a comprehensive tailored training solution to your employees.

Our delivery approach

MSN Training understand the importance of working in a clear and collaborative way. Our content development method follows a series of simple steps to make sure the final product is the perfect fit for your organisation's needs.

Learning Management, Create E-learning Course, Online Training Services

Step 1: Scoping

We start by making sure we understand your organisation, the issues you are trying to solve and objectives you want to achieve. The content can either be provided in part or full or we can provide subject matter experts for the relevant content. Together we come up with ideas around the look and feel, levels of interactivity and use of summative and formative assessment.

Learning Management, Create E-learning Course, Online Training Services

Step 2: Instructional Design

Working with you, we map out the visual, text and audio elements, as well as the interactions and branching, of each screen in an online course. We can provide professional voice-over artists if required.

Learning Management, Create E-learning Course, Online Training Services

Step 3: Graphic Design & Build

We use engaging imagery to ensure the learning process is visually stimulating which helps improve attention and support knowledge uptake. We use a range of learning technologies to create our e-learning courses based on your storyboard and agreed style.

Learning Management, Create E-learning Course, Online Training Services

Step 4: Testing Release & Deployment

During this process, we proof read the content and test it technically to make sure all the elements work as intended. It is also tested on different browsers and on your chosen LMS. At the very final stages, we record and add your agreed narration and audio files, and work with you to deploy and roll out the training.

MSN Training offers a traditional client-developer relationship focused on delivering results for you, your learners and your organisation.

Our commitment to quality makes us your ideal bespoke content partner.